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Chicagoland Pets

Furry, fluffy, feathered & scaled citizens of Chicago and their companions

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This is a journal for Chicago-area pet lovers to share anything and everything about their furry/feathered/scaled companions: from noticed about pet-related events, to questions or suggestions about vets, to sharing photos or stories about of their beloved animals - you name it!

The rules are pretty simple:

1. Be respectful of others in this community.

2. Keep it pet-related.

3. Please be kind and use lj-cut if the picture you're posting is anything bigger than 300x500 pixels or large resolution. Not everybody has cable/DSL!

4. Spam postings will be removed!!

That's it. >^..^<

If you are interested in adopting a homeless animal, you may also want to check out chicago_adopts.
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